ETW x Myislandkiss

I don’t write often cause that is the break I take to pen down the words and experiences I have gathered. There are times I write a blog for 2-3days and finally post about it! ETW x Myislndkiss happened cause I wanted to review a product that most of us could connect with.


ETW x Myislandkiss

There is a magical blend of Amla, Vanilla, Ignes and Lavender which puts a smell on your senses. It calms down your mind and soothes your soul. The alluring blend of natural ingredients and richness of Vanilla sugar takes you far away in your dreams while doing all the benefits it can.


ETW x Myislandkiss

There is an eternal bliss in the night sky. When the moon shines bright and hugs the sky there is an undying romance. The combination of Black rose and Grenade Rouge envelopes your heart in a similar way and makes you feel intoxicated with its magic.


ETW x Myislandkiss

The package says it’s inspired by the situation where the fresh pink peonies pay a homage to the romantic years of islanders dancing to calypso beats at breezy beach side Carnival. But, I can see a young heart pounding with wild dreams with the combination of Flamingo pink, peonies, Avocado, Mango butter, etc. The rich flavour and healing effect of this product steal the show and remains a favourite for most!


ETW x Myislandkiss

I am sure, thi review will make you want to know more about their products and you surely won’t be disappointed!

I thank the entire team of Myislandkiss for making ETW x Myislandkiss a success.



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