It’s been long since I wrote something. There are 100s of reasons that cease me from coming up with a new post at times. Thus, I take breaks in between just to get back to my favourite space without a complaint. ETWxNeesh is another review post where am gonna discuss few of their fragrances and how I liked them.



As the name portrays, Sultana has a very royal touch to its fragrance. It has a sweet aroma which instantly lifts up the mood. The blend of amber, tea rose and Indian saffron is an absolute delight for the ones who like light breezy aroma.



Though Attar-E-Nazakat has a little stronger aroma compared to the previous one, yet it’s impact is long lasting. The blend of Arabian Agarwood, dry honey and dry amber musk makes it a stronger and unique one.



This is one of my most favourite ones out of the three. It has an absolutely fresh aroma and is apt for anytime. It has a blend of French rose, white lily, Mimosa, etc. If you are a person who likes fresh and light aroma, then this is your pick.

Thus, overall Neesh perfumes are a hit if you are looking for an affordable, travel worthy and long lasting fragrance.

Hope you enjoyed reading the short and simple review. I thank my team for making ETWxNeesh a success!

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